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Our system is a unique and powerful  protein expression platform that combines well-established  recombinant baculovirus technology with oral (via insect diet) infection of synchronous Trichoplusia ni larvae.

Benefits of our System

Advantage #1


We are differentiated from traditional baculovirus expression in that we infect live insect larvae as our biomass instead of using cell cultures. Expression in larvae is particularly  useful with lipid associate proteins and active enzymes. 


Advantage #2


High natural lipid content of larvae enables production of many membrane-embedded and membrane associated recombinant proteins which are not readily produced using other expression systems.

Advantage #3


The tissue heterogeneity of larvae (compared to the homogeneity of cultured cells) can be a significant advantage for difficult to produce proteins: larvae can out-produce cultured cells by significant margins for many proteins due to involvement of larvae metabolites, enzymes and co-factors from a variety of cell types. 

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