Typical Protein Expression

Create Baculovirus

Design Virus, (codon optimization), Procure Synthetic Gene, Insert in Plasmid and then into custom linearized baculovirus vector DNA.

Inoculate Biomass

We use whole insect larvae (Trichoplusia ni) as our biomass. Inoculation (infection) is achieved using proprietary injection or oral techniques.

Large Scale Biomass Production

Our proprietary techniques allow for rapid scale up of kg quantities of biomass expressing the target protein / enzyme in less than a week. No need to develop customized incubation protocols. Consistent reproducible results.

Biomass After Harvesting

After incubation biomass is harvested and flash frozen allowing for unlimited shelf life.

Final Recovery Of Recombinant Protein

Final purification and recovery of the targeted recombinant protein is achieved using traditional chromatography techniques.